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We are followers of Jesus, we preach Jesus who died for the mankind and rose again in victory. We live for Jesus, for he gave life for us, his love endures forever..

About Our Church:

  • The church, which is the body of Christ. It is formed by the born again believers in a given locality as the “Lord adds to the church such as should be saved.”
  • It functions under the headship and lordship of the Lord Jesus Christ as believers gather together steadfastly for worship, breaking of bread, studying the word of God, fellowship and prayers. (Acts 2:42) thereby to show forth His fullness, unity, love, wisdom and power.
  • Therefore we do individual worship before the observance of Lord’s Table every Sunday.
  • Sisters Fellowship on every Monday.
  • Fasting prayer on every Friday.
  • Bible Study on every Thursday.
  • Hospital Service activity in surrounding areas is constantly carried out.

Church History:

Rehoboth Ministries welcomes you to experience the power of God’s presence and to receive heavenly blessings. It is faith based and Spirit filled church, which is proclaiming Gospel, promoting peace and preparing people for the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Bandi Deva Sikhamani
Pastor Bandi Deva Sikhamani

Founder : Pastor Bandi Sikhamani garu received the higher call and started this church in 1983. It is the He seek to honor the presence of God in our services Many years ago, Pastor Sikhamani started this church with three people. Now it has grown up to more than 250 believers. People come from different places to hear the word of God.

It is with great joy that we invite you to join us for a time of celebration, fellowship and worship. May the Lord bless you as you discover new life in Christ Jesus.

Pastor Sikhamani and Saramma got saved from Hindu backgrounds and they established Rehoboth Ministries in the year 1983 in Nellore, India.



A Short Testimony By
Bandi Sudhakar

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ !


It was in the year 2002; the Lord Jesus Christ touched me and transformed me. Subsequently the Lord called me for His ministry by showing me the verse, “The Word of the Lord came to me saying, Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations” (Jeremiah 1:4, 5). I obeyed immediately by quitting my Sinful Life and left home for Bible training.

It was then the Lord started molding me for His plans and in His likeness. It was there I learnt prayer and the Word of God. And my heart was filled with burden for perishing souls. My first ministry has started in Rehoboth Nellore. I worked for Jesus As an open air preacher when I preached Word with fasting and tears, Word of God worked in the hearts of people by the power of Holy Spirit. Many who were in the clutches of sins were delivered and transformed by the power of God. Apart from street preaching I used to work in the hospitals.

Till today the Lord helps us to continue all his ministries. We give all the honor and glory to the Lord who called us to accomplish His mighty things. And it is still a wonder how the Lord is helping us to meet all the financial needs. The Lord is blessing the humble offerings of the people who are blessed by Rehoboth ministries.

– Ps Bandi. Sudhakar

✝ We are since…✝

1983 – Rehoboth Prayer House

2017 – Rehoboth Ministries

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Feel free to contact us for further information. God bless you!

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